Dumbwaiter Lift

Dumbwaiter Elevator

Dumbwaiter elevator provides swift, convenient and economical vertical transportation for various constructions, which greatly saves the time and human resource, present a beautiful environment. These elevators are widely applied to the hotels, restaurants, apartment buildings, banks, office buildings, hospitals, malls, factories, libraries, labs and post offices, etc. for delivering such items as foods, dishware, daily…


Freight/Goods Elevator

Full-computer professional control system, classic and reliable driving style, outstanding performance of door operating structure, high-intensity car design, make our freight elevators suitable for different locations easily. With full specifications, good performance, high reliability and superior performance-price ratio, freight/goods/cargo elevators provide relevant solutions for diversified cargo carrying and can be suitable for different architectures’ construction,…


Hydraulic Elevator

Hydraulic elevator is different from other elevators. It has its own unique advantageous performance. Hydraulic elevator adopts the pump and drive motor with the high quality and performance. It brings about an extremely quiet and smooth elevator running. It also utilizes the multiple security means such as the anti-stalling device, one-way valve which prevents from the return flow of the hydraulic…


Bed/Hospital Elevator

With the precise speed control and the whole closed-loop controlled by VVVF drive system, hospital elevator has high-precision running condition. It can make the stop layer very accurate, start and stop very stable. VVVF inverter control system together with precision control of motor accelerated degrees make traction machine noise smaller. This fully embodies the”people-oriented” design…


Panoramic/Observation Elevator

observation/panoramic elevator/lift is a new variety which integrates the passenger and panoramic functions into a whole. It has been produced with the combination of the peoples’  further demands. The passengers can watch the scene outside the building during the up and down process. They can enjoy the cozy feel which has been brought along with…


Home Elevator

Home elevator/lift adheres to the top-tech in the world’s private elevator field. It inherits the classical international design concept and deducts a luxurious dream in your home art.It grants a full play of an overall supreme quality at your house. We creates a clean and bright space which perfectly matches into harmony of your home.…


Passenger Elevator

We choose rare earth material and fully combine coaxial transmission technology and digital variable frequency technology with group computer combined control technology. With less running cost & less energy dissipated. Compared with the ordinary and traditional technology, gearless traction machine can save more than 40% of the energy. Gearless traction machine needs no renewal of…